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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The phone call at two in the morning.
Unknown numbers.
The stranger walking too close.
The eyes watching at the cash machine.
The dog let loose, growling.
A lingering cough.
That mark that itches, getting larger.
The voices.
The creak in the darkness.
Curls of smoke.
The smell of burning.
The person who doesn’t respond when you call.

There is no logic in this reality.
Emotional responses take over from reason.
The innocent have their blood spilled
By the confused, the ignorant, the hateful.
And all the while,
The puppet masters hide in darkness,
Twitching the strings,
Claiming no responsibility.
It is the work of higher powers.
That is the claim they stake.
It is the claim we reject.
For while we reject it,
Evil may not win.