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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tying up the loose ends
Like a video game
When you’ve completed the main quest
And there’s nothing more to do
But wait for the next adventure.
The fond farewells of characters
Who’ve made this tapestry sparkle.
The relief of cutting off from people
Who hold you down and push you back.
The creaking of zips, straining against luggage.
Everything you need to survive contained in two suitcases.
And a backpack.
But there are some things that just can’t be squeezed into hand luggage.
The people you love the most for example.
It’s a choice you have to make:
Adventure, or love.
Fortunately, you can settle for both;
They will still be there when you return.
Or so you keep telling yourself.
In the meantime, you make do with the pixels on screen,
And the mechanical voices that claim to be your family.
And try to find a surrogate family to see you through the absence.

You win.
Or so you think.
You sit there,
On the throne that you have built for yourself,
Gloating, and mocking, and belittling.
You write off people that cease to be “useful”,
Who won’t allow you to tread on them on the way up.
I write off people who are the treaders.
And if after all the years of life
That you waste
By panicking over falling off of that throne,
Perched oh-so-precariously upon that ridiculous pedestal,
You still cannot see that of the two of us,
It is I who is better off,
Yes me, the one you scorned,
Failed to take seriously,
Washed your hands of,
Well then I shall know
That the day I burnt that particular bridge,
And the day I severed that particular tie
Was not a day too soon.