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On the day
That a conman fooled me
With a cheap trick,
My rose-tinted glasses cracked.
And suddenly a world that once seemed so bright
Was full of filth and decay.
The masks of kind strangers
Began to slip:
The woman with the beautiful children
Cheats on her loving, trusting husband
Whenever he’s away on business.
The man who treats his dog like royalty
Treats his wife like a stray mutt.
She’d be better off in the gutter,
Where his drunken fists cannot reach her.
The frail old lady with aching joints
And a walking frame
Is a kleptomaniac.
She’s stolen silver from her sister.
The daughter, laughing with her mother,
Best friends with her post-university,
Is completely unaware that her mother
Is sleeping
With her daughter’s fiancee.
And prior to having my trust abused,
I too was unaware.
But now,
I see everything.
And I hate it.