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Tag Archives: destruction

Did I plot the end of your time together?
No Ma’am, I did not.
You ended it yourself
With the choices you made.
If talking to friends is a terrible crime,
Then lock me away,
Throw away the keys,
Leave me to starve.
For life without friends is lonely
And loneliness is killer in itself.

Did I make him choose?
No Ma’am I did not.
If you wish to blame me,
Then we’re guilty in equal measure.
You for emptying his glass,
Me, for filling it again.
And the accusing stares,
The vicious comments,
The petty behaviour,
All served a purpose in the end.

The outcome wasn’t what you wished,
But foreseeable? Oh yes.
In trying to pull him closer,
You suffocated.
In speaking with me,
Laughing with me,
Breathing with me,
The colour came back to his face.

You can keep a man as prisoner,
But he’ll never worship the judge that put him there.