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You win.
Or so you think.
You sit there,
On the throne that you have built for yourself,
Gloating, and mocking, and belittling.
You write off people that cease to be “useful”,
Who won’t allow you to tread on them on the way up.
I write off people who are the treaders.
And if after all the years of life
That you waste
By panicking over falling off of that throne,
Perched oh-so-precariously upon that ridiculous pedestal,
You still cannot see that of the two of us,
It is I who is better off,
Yes me, the one you scorned,
Failed to take seriously,
Washed your hands of,
Well then I shall know
That the day I burnt that particular bridge,
And the day I severed that particular tie
Was not a day too soon.

She admires the shiny red shoes with the heel,
The kind her mother would have only dreamed of
And her father would have scoffed at.
“Who are you trying to fool?
You’re a carpenter’s daughter, nothing more.”
But today, she is more than that.
Her hair, freshly washed,
Tied up in a smooth bun.
The dress, freshly pressed,
The labels newly removed.
Wages were saved for many moons
Just for this occasion.
She’d saved before knowing if he’d ask her to dance.
But her hope allowed her to control her own fate.
Tonight, she is more than a carpenter’s daughter…
She is the one he chose.
The girl he fell in love with on sight,
Watching her type in the office.
Clack. Clack. Clack.
Today the only clacking comes from the shoes she wears
As she walks towards the man
Who will make her more than her father ever believed she could be.

Save yourself.
Don’t open me.
Don’t run your fingers down my spine
And breathe in the scent of my faded yellow pages.
Don’t dive headfirst into the depths of me.
Don’t listen to me so intently that you allow me to drown out your heartbeat.
If you do, don’t blame me for your addiction.
For mine is a world from which you will not wish to return.
Gone, the land of the nurse, the accountant, the office drone;
Here is the land of the hero, the princess, the villain,
Leaving memories etched, remaining long after you put me down.
In the future,
Something will catch your eye and remind you of me.
You will stop to recall my whispered words.
The words that told you to go out and live your own story.
When you finish, let others live the sequel.