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I have just returned from a short break with my family. We decided to go shopping for the afternoon. A seemingly ordinary afternoon, we stopped for some lunch at a fast food restaurant that shall remain nameless. We sat at one of the benches with eight seats around it, the kind that almost guarantees that at busy times, you will be sharing your table with strangers.

While I waited for my food, a very small, very elderly lady came and sat at the other end of the table. And as I sat, waiting for my food, surrounded by a cacophony of noise from families shopping for presents and stuffing their faces, I was shocked to see that she was crying. Silently, the tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was staring ahead, with her head up, tears running, with as much dignity as she could muster.

I couldn’t help it, I was concerned. I asked if she was alright, if she wanted to talk. She smiled sadly, and very quietly answered.
“No, thank you, I’m just being silly.”
I did not persist; her food arrived and the tears stopped, though she still looked far away.

As I reflect now on this chance encounter with a very small, very elderly, very sad lady, I am beginning to understand why some people pray. They pray when they have done all they can in a situation, but they have nothing more to give. They pray because that is the only way they can remain hopeful. It doesn’t matter who they pray to, because the intention is universal; they want the right outcome, even when it is completely out of their hands.

There is no logic in this reality.
Emotional responses take over from reason.
The innocent have their blood spilled
By the confused, the ignorant, the hateful.
And all the while,
The puppet masters hide in darkness,
Twitching the strings,
Claiming no responsibility.
It is the work of higher powers.
That is the claim they stake.
It is the claim we reject.
For while we reject it,
Evil may not win.

Fear breeds hatred.
That is the truth of it.
A human reaction,
But one that makes us weak.
How can evil be silenced
If no one has courage to speak?
How can we open our hearts
When we shut ourselves off with barriers?
How can we love
With hearts filled with hate?
When blame is showered down
Like acid rain,
It is not just the guilty that are burned,
But those who were standing
In the wrong place
At the wrong time.
Stand tall,
Stay strong,
Always love.

The eyes of a lover.
The bark upon which initials and promises are carved.
Your first car.
The leaves that change when the Earth turns sour.
The hair of the girl he left you for.