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Tag Archives: loss

Don’t love.
Because the sad, inevitable truth
Is this:
Be it through wars,
Or tears,
Or even death,
Eventually, the flames that keep you warm
When the world is bitterly cold
Will burn out.
Sometimes they take many years to slowly die down.
In other cases,
They are snuffed out, suffocated,
In an instant.
The pain, though purely in your mind,
Will be more excruciating
Than anything you could ever put your body through.
Someone told me that time was the greatest healer.
They lied.
Time does not heal.
Time merely allows you to grow accustomed to agony,
To accept it as part of your daily routine.
Wake up, ache.
Shower, sting.
Breakfast, with added burn, naturally.
New lovers may take that place,
A warm, comforting bandage over a gaping wound.
But they will only ever be a bandage.
Some wounds simply refuse to heal.
Protect yourself.
Don’t love.


Wrinkled hands reach for a sepia photograph
The same story is told again
To this stranger who has come to introduce herself.
The tale of a life, creating life,
Which, in turn created new life.
And there the story ends,
With a granddaughter,
Ten years old.
The stranger that was there throughout,
Unbeknownst to you
Who sits in the chair beside you,
Twenty years old,
Listening to your tales
Like an old familiar record.
There are silent tears in the eyes of this stranger
And as you smile happily at your brand new friend,
You cannot understand why.
“It was lovely to meet you my dear,
You really must visit again soon…”

The worst part is,
I see your pain.
I see those mornings on your train,
Excusing tears that fall on cheeks,
You blame it on the rain.

The worst part is,
I hear you cry.
At night you lay awake and sigh
Weeping, sobbing for a son
That never said goodbye.

The worst part is,
You pray for me,
That I may move on finally,
It hasn’t happened, here I stay,
Forever here to be.

The worst part is,
Your strength is sapped,
Although your future isn’t mapped,
You remain and so do I,
Forever here, I’m trapped.

There you lay,
Contemplating earlier day,
All those things you didn’t say,
But should have.

The lover beside you,
The rustling sheets,
A far distant sound,
Your heart skips a beat.

Did anyone hear that?
Or just you alone?
The pauper, the porter,
The prince on his throne?

Are you alone
In your nocturnal fear,
As monsters in shadows,
They grin ear to ear?

How can your lover
Dream calmly and deep,
As you lie awake
With the fear that you keep?

The fear, not of demons,
Or witches, or trolls,
But the fear of a lover
Growing terminally old.

The slow realisation
Of hard written fate.
Best tell her you love her,
Before it’s too late.