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If you fail,
The earth will continue to rotate.
If you fall,
You can pick yourself straight back up.
Or, you can take a moment to look up at the stars.
If you slow yourself down,
The view is less blurred.
You can join the rat race.
Or you can burn your own trail.
Lifetime is confusing.
But it is not the time in your life that matters most;
It is the life in your time.

Gnarled fingers twisting upwards,
My frame is strong, but brittle.
I have seen centuries pass,
Each leaving its scar on the landscape,
The actions of few destroy the existence of many,
And the children who sat upon me sing no more.
I have watched as my friends have fallen,
Through rotted bodies, or untimely swipes from the Reaper’s scythe.
Still I stand, tall and proud, until fate comes for me,
And there shall be nothing left but a wooden monument,
To mark where I once stood.