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Tag Archives: trust

It doesn’t always fit in the way you’d like.
Sometimes it doesn’t suit the wearer.
But sometimes the truth
Is embroidered upon so much,
It becomes a completely different garment.
For better or worse,
It’s never what you asked for.
Sometimes you’d rather look honourably plain
Than to be gilded with lies.
I choose to walk this runway
With a fabric stitched with honesty
It may stretch or sag,
But even so…
I need not hide what lies beneath.

To love another completely is a dangerous act.
But a beautiful one.
In handing over the keys to your heart,
In whatever form they may take,
You give that other soul a dark power.
It is the power
To unravel,
To destroy,
To crush,
To burn,
To annihilate,
To simply end.
But in doing so,
You put your complete trust in them,
In the vain hope
That they will resist the temptation to do so.